Over the past 15 years. CBTF boats have evolved to the current state of the art that is represented in the new MaxZ 86’s and the Admiral’s Cup champion, Wild Oats. It all started in 1989 with the installation of a canting ballast strut on the canard – equipped Soling that had been a fore-runner to Tom Blackaller’s radical 12 Meter, USA.

Our team refined the CBTF concept and execution over the next ten years in a series of retrofits to different boats. Then in 1997, the first all-original CBTF design was launched, the 40 foot Red Hornet which introduced CBTF to the sailing world, displaying its amazing performance in races on both coasts and the Midwest.

Today, we are seeing CBTF being incorporated in designs for both high performance racing boats and fast, comfortable cruising boats. CBTF has a bright future as designers from around the world are finding new ways to take advantage of this technology.

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